Artificial intelligence, the revolution

Artificial intelligence, the revolution - present and future

  • Do you really want to know what artificial intelligence is ?
  • Want to know how artificial intelligence is evolving and how it affects us today?
  • And what does the future hold for artificial intelligence as a human race?
These questions and many more will be discussed in detail in this futuristic book. At the end of reading:
You will know where
artificial intelligence comes from and how it has evolved over time (you will be surprised to discover the different stages of its development, as well as its projection into the future)!
Have you ever wondered about the moral and ethical implications of intelligence artificial ? We explain in detail in this chapter
You will learn about the challenges and future potential of
robot development and advanced artificial intelligence .
Learn how
artificial intelligence can be used for the benefit of the community and what are the agreements governing its control (no one would want to be kidnapped by a robot Great clever !)
You will discover what memory and learning really are, and how they can be reproduced by an intelligence artificial advanced (it can be a little scary...).
Find out how
intelligence artificial intelligence can be integrated with humans to enhance intelligence capabilities computer .
Discover the most in-demand careers and the highest salaries in the field of
intelligence artificial (you may be interested in how to monetize your knowledge in this area).
You will learn the difference between cyborgs and robots , and the role they play in artificial intelligence.
Finally, you will discover what the future of
intelligence artificial is likely to be and how it will change us as a society and in the world.
If you want to know why
intelligence is so important and how it will transform our lives, so come in now and start this exciting read that will revolutionize your worldview.
See you inside!